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30 Minutes$40
45 Minutes$55
60 Minute Full Body Massage$70
60 Minute Hot Stone Massage$80

Why Get a Massage?

Massages are the ultimate in relaxation! The benefits of massages are hard to pass up: they release and strengthen your back muscles and spine, ease muscle pain, relieve anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and boost your immunity.

Some studies have even shown that a massage can help with anxiety, headaches, and digestive disorders.

Aside from the health benefits of massage, the mental and emotional perks are what draw most of us to them. A chance to escape, relax, and let the stress of the day melt away sounds like a good way to spend an hour to us! We offer swedish-style massages in 30, 45, and hour long sessions, with full body options as well.

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is a therapeutic massage where flat rocks such as river rocks, or smooth stones made of basalt, are placed on parts of the client’s body to maximize heat therapy.

The high iron content in basalt helps to retain heat and target it to certain areas of the body where it can begin to repair and heal. The benefits of a hot stone massage include muscle relaxation, pain relief, and improved circulation and immune system.

Take the relaxing and stress-relieving benefits of your traditional massage to the next level by adding a hot-stone option.

Our massages are done by trained estheticians and are used for the purpose of relaxation only. For this reason, they are not covered under most medical plans.

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