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melan:off – Treatment for Melasma | $800

Unwanted pigmentation can be disheartening, especially when it seems like nothing you do gets rid of it. Melasma usually shows up as dark patches of skin most commonly seen on the midsection of the forehead, cheeks, and upper lip. The truth is that melasma is a non-curable skin disorder, and although we can drastically improve it’s appearance, it may be something you always deal with.

The melan:off protocol by md:ceuticals is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of melasma in as little as 3 months. In order to get the maximum efficacy, this treatment which involves both in clinic treatment and daily home care, inhibits the melanogensis process through a concentrated formula. The combination of whitening agents to block the different stages of melanin production create superior exfoliation and accelerated cell renewal.

The following homecare products are included:

melan:off Maintenance Cream

This innovative treatment cream blocks out infrared heat and damaging sun rays known to cause melanin. This, in combination with its unique skin brightening capability, helps to continue the reduction of pigmentation.

X:treme Skin Renewal Cream

An innovative formula of antioxidants, vegetable stem cells and epidermal growth factors to activate self-cell repair from the inside out.

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What causes Melasma?

It is not yet clear why some people get melasma. It seems to affect certain ethnic groups and is primarily seen in women with only 10% of cases being male.

Common triggers include:

Sun Exposure: Ultraviolet rays from the sun stimulate the pigment in our skin, or “melanocytes”, to darkmelasmaen. In fact, after treatment to reduce melasma, even a small amount of sun exposure can cause it to return. This is why people often find their pigment shows in the summer and seems better in the winter months. The importance of sun screen should be the number one priority for those prone to these pigment markers.

Since melasma reacts to UV rays as well as heat, it is not recommended to be treated with IPL lasers. Melasma is also one of the most commonly mistreated skin conditions and should only be treated by professionals with experience in this field.

Hormonal changes: These patches are commonly seen during or soon after pregnancy, taking on the name “pregnancy mask.” This type of melasma is called “chloasma” and can also be seen in women taking birth control pills or hormone replacement medicine.

Product reaction: Some products that irritate the skin or cause a chemical burn can also appear as melasma or worsen a pre-existing condition. We have seen this with woman using dipilator creams to chemically remove hair. These chemicals leave a residue on the skin that can react with the skin. This is also one of the main factors of the importance of sunscreen post any type of facial treatment; especially chemical peels and resurfacing that leaves the new skin vulnerable.

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SculpSure | Buy One, Get the Second 50% Off

There is no such thing as the perfect body! The only important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with yourself. Everything else is just a number. SculpSure is fat loss, not weight loss. When we lose weight, it comes off our entire body. This is why if we measured that 1-2 pounds on the scale, it would seem rather unfulfilling and underwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to choose where it came off?

With SculpSure we can do just that. ½ a pound to a pound eliminated in a targeted area can result in dramatic fat loss and an eye catching visual change. Average results of 24% localized fat reduction. 2 treatments required for clinical end point. 18 weeks to see full benefits.

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Skin Renewal – Save 15% on eDermastamp, MicroNeedling, TriFractional & Chemical Peels!

eDermastamp | Now Only $340

Looking to minimize fine lines & wrinkles, crepey skin, improve skin texture and hydrate the skin? eDermastamp is clinically proven to provide exceptional skin renewal. Unlike other rejuvenation techniques, this electrical microneedling technique uses 6 medical grade needles to penetrate the skin up to 160 pricks per second. Its superior technology allows for maximum injury to the skin at 0.1 – 1.5mm in depth with little to no down time. The electrical method allows for a non-traumatic injury to the skin resulting in cell renewal from the inside out.
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TriFractional | Now Only $340

Looking to improve the overall texture in your skin? Trifractional works on the upper layers of the epidermis, providing exceptional resurfacing with a usual downtime of approximately 2-3 days. Unlike eDermastamp, TriFractional is an ablative procedure that creates damage to a number of cells forcing the bodies recovery process. This treatment has been known to significantly improve pitted acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, as well create more even and consistent overall tone.
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MicroNeedling With Collagen | Now Only $144.50

If you’re looking to get the most out of your facial, this collagen induction therapy uses a medical grade dermal roller with 540 needles in various depth to manually create micro wounds in the skin. Although indicated for the same skin conditions as eDermastamp, we are not able to create the same number of micro-wounds with the manual technique. This procedure is ideal to help with product penetration and absorption of vital vitamins and proteins into the skin. Stimulating healthy cell turnover and firming of the skin.
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Chemical Peel | Now Starting at $127.50 per Treatment

If you are looking for an overall improvement in both texture and colour, a series of chemical peels may be right for you. Chemical peels are still a favourite among technicians for its reliable results. The one thing to realize is that not all chemical peels are created equally. Just as your skin is unique to you, it requires a special to you recipe of chemicals to provide the expected outcome. Chemical peels can have moderate downtime with the majority of physical peeling ending after day 4. The good news is that some peels such as lactic acid require no downtime at all!

Laser Hair Removal – 30% off when you purchase a full series of 10

Stop fussing over constant shaving, and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is the ultimate in smooth, hair free skin. On average clients require 8-10 sessions for maximum reduction of hair. The most common problem with unsuccessful laser is not following through to full completion. Often times you will see minimal hair growth or what we call “stunted” growth lasting as long as 6 months. It is important to catch hair growth at first signs of regrowth. This will ensure we can have long lasting, hair free results. Our highly experienced technicians will work with you to create a hair free plan. Our technology is safe & effective on all skin types and our expert knowledge allows us to give results you can count on.

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