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Who Is the Best Candidate and What Are the Expectations for SculpSure?

Losing fat is no easy task.

Whether it be through diet, exercise, or alternative methods such as SculpSure there is no shortage of options available. With so many options how are you supposed to know which one is right for you? The truth is: you’re not.

Unless you have background knowledge in nutrition, exercise, training or a medical background in alternative methods, you can only make your most educated guess. And that’s all it is: a guess.

When it comes to your health it is important for you to put your trust in those that do have the background needed to educate you on available options and provide you with the tools to achieve optimal results.

We want our clients to get the best possible outcome from their treatments and therefore we provide an in-depth consultation and patient screening to ensure we are only selecting clients who are physically a good fit for the treatment, but who also have the right mindset.

Your expectations are also something we discuss in full detail. If these are achievable through services offered at our clinic then we are happy to create a custom protocol to meet those goals. If they aren’t, we are pleased to give you our professional opinion on any alternatives you may seek out.

Who Is A Good Candidate for SculpSure?

Based on our professional evaluation, we conclude that you are a good fit for SculpSure if:

  • You have pockets of unwanted pinchable fat
  • You have non-visceral fat
  • You have a healthy BMI
  • You have the discipline to demand change

How To Get The Best Results from SculpSure

SculpSure works best on those with a healthy BMI. A healthy BMI, body mass index, is considered to be between 18-30. For those with a healthy BMI SculpSure can reduce fat in a localized area by an average of 24%.

Fat Must Be Pinch-Able.

There is a type of fat called visceral fat which is beneath the muscle, often referred to as a “beer belly”, where, although the stomach may stick out, it is hard to the touch. This type of fat is extremely difficult to eliminate and unfortunately will not see the same results as non-visceral fat.

A Full Approach to Health

During the clinical studies, the patients who underwent SculpSure did not change their lifestyle habits. However, at Skin Revival we believe in taking a full approach to body and skin health. We like to explore the why. If you can address the reason for these unwanted pockets of fat and adjust what may be only minor lifestyle habits, your results will be accelerated.

Demand Change Through Discipline

You must have the discipline to demand a change of your body. With SculpSure we will be destroying your fat cells and forcing your body to shed the unwanted fat. If you are eating healthy and exercising you are giving your body more of a reason to say “You’re right. We don’t need this fat anymore!”

The biggest factor in ensuring you see the amazing results through SculpSure is sticking to the treatment schedule outlined for you. These are not suggestions—results will be limited should you stray from the provided timeline.

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