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Facial Treatments

Refresh Express Facial (30-45minutes)$75
Revival Custom Facial (45-60minutes)Starting at $100
Facial UpgradesSee Pricing Below
TriDermal Glow$1050

Facial Treatments in Ottawa

At Skin Revival, we know that all skin is different. Our treatments are designed to suit your individual skin type to give you happier, healthier skin. All of our facials include an in-depth skin analysis which will allow your technician to choose the appropriate products. This step will ensure the best possible results based on your specific skin care needs.

We offer both introductory and custom facials for all skin types:

In-depth SkinDeep Consultation, 45min

This consultation will begin with a full health and clinical history. Allowing us to get a full picture of your previous treatments, what you liked, loved and hated as well as go over your expectations. We will then perform a full in-depth facial analysis scan with the SkinDeep Imager. This allows us to see your skin’s true age, as well as underlying conditions that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Having this information takes the guesswork out of skincare. It provides us with all the necessary information to collectively decide which areas of your skin need the most attention and where we can focus to create the largest overall impact on your skin. Together we will create a home care and clinical plan to help you achieve your goals, and perform any test spots or demos that may be necessary.

Upon completion of your consultation you will receive your $25 deposit as a credit to use towards the recommended treatment plan.

$25 deposit required at time of booking  |  Request Now

Refresh Express Facial

Relax and refresh with this introductory facial treatment. Ideal for those who get frequent facials in order to maintain good skin health, first time facial-goers, or those looking to gain more awareness about their skin.

$70  |  Request Now

Revival Custom Facial

Our signature facials are 100% customized to your skin care needs and expectations. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We will consult with you on your current skin care practices, your concerns and hopes from the treatment. With that information, we will select the best custom products and make any necessary recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Starting at $100  |  Request Now

* All facials available in natural or medical grade skincare.

For more advanced skin care solutions, see our OxyGeneo facials!

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TriDermal Glow

This new technology Vivier’s brilliance facial peptides and panthenol treatment with advanced RF energy to effectively restore the skin. This 4-month protocol works on all layers of the skin in order to tighten pores, reduce wrinkles, minimize sun damage and discoloration for an all over more even skin complexion.

$1050  |  Request Now


Advanced mini fractional ablation for safe, tolerable and effective skin rejuvenation without the downtime. This treatment will stimulate new cell production, restore vital vitamins and proteins while maintaining balance in the skin.

$300  |  Request Now

Facial Upgrades

Skin Boost $5

Skin-specific ampules to help neutralize the skin, regulate oil production, rehydrate or give added protein back to the skin.

Additional Extractions $5

For those needing an extra deep clean with enhanced extractions for a clearer complexion.

Collagen Eye Treatment $10

24kt gold collagen eye treatment is packed full of vital vitamins and proteins to instantly hydrate and plump fine lines, while reducing dark circles and puffiness under the eye.

Hydrating Lip Mask $10

A combination of Skin Medica’s award-winning lip plump system combined with a 24kt gold collagen mask to instantly hydrate and plump the lips.

Mild Enzyme Peel $15

Improve skin texture, reduce dry/flaky skin and bring out the natural glow.

High Frequency $15

Works to help kill acne-causing bacteria, promote healthy blood flow, and reduce redness.

Ultrasound Infusion $15

Infuses vitamins & proteins into the deeper layers of the skin. Stimulates new cell turnover and speeds up cell restoration.

Lymphatic Drainage $15

Works to revive dull, environmentally damaged or acne-prone skin by eliminating toxins.

LED Cold Therapy $15

Works to detoxify the skin, soothe and refresh puffy eyes, swollen face and shrink enlarged pores. With 3 LED options to brighten the skin, kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce pigmentation.

LED Warm Therapy $15

Opens pores to allow for easy extractions of impurities, helping to deep-cleanse the skin, increase circulation and stimulate skin metabolism. Can be used to help increase product penetration and stimulate new cell growth. With 3 LED options to brighten the skin, kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce pigmentation.

24kt Gold Collagen Mask $20

The ultimate anti-aging mask works to stimulate new cell regeneration, brighten and moisturize the skin. Packed with vital vitamins and proteins which increase fiber flexibility and strengthen the nutrient uptake, leaving your skin radiant.

LED Photon Therapy $20

This multi-LED light therapy works by using low level waves to provide a variety of skin benefits such as anti-aging, skin brightening, anti-acne, lymphatic drainage and anti-redness.

30% Lactic Peel $30

Brings on a beautiful natural glow with no downtime.

Microdermabrasion $30

A light pass with microdermabrasion works to remove dry/flaky skin and help with product absorption.

Skin Tightening Eye or Lip $30

Radiofrequency works to help stimulate new collagen & elastin with a visible plumping effect. (Get both eye and lip treatments for $50.)

DMA for Instant Lift $30

Dynamic muscle activation works to strengthen the muscle fibers providing an instant lifting effect.

Microneedling $50

Restores your skin. By creating micro-wounds we are stimulating new cell production, minimizing pore size, reducing scarring, and improving overall texture in the skin.

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