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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel $150 - $200
MicroPeel $150 - $150
Alkaline Wash with Enzyme Therapy $200

Chemical Peels and MicroPeels in Ottawa

Both standard chemical peels and MicroPeels use the concept of chemical, topical agents to slough off dead skin cells and promote your body’s cell renewal rate.

Through the application of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) such as glycolic acid, fruit acid, lactic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), or phenol, dead skin cells are exfoliated and lifted away to reveal healthy, new skin below.

They are an effective and safe way to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin), sun damage, spot, stretch marks and acne (both current breakouts and scarring) on the face, neck, hands, and back.

What is a Chemical Peel?

Traditional chemical peels are used for deeper wrinkles and damage in the skin. Based on your level of damage and the type of skin you have, our technicians will select a type of peel and strength that is right for you.

We have partnered with the founder of BioCella, Dr. Caughell, to bring you the widest range of chemical peels available. Unlike a lot of skin care grade chemical peels our peels are compounded directly from the pharmacy, giving us the ability to have a much wider range of chemicals, blends and strengths. 

Light Chemical Peels

Light chemical peels are similar in effect to micropeels and require little to no downtime. They involve AHAs (glycolic, lactic, salicylic acids) that act as exfoliators to slough off dead skin cells and reveal healthy, new skin cells.

Medium Chemical Peels

Medium chemical peels trichloroacetic acid (TCA) rather than AHAs to exfoliate the skin. These types of peels are best for people with pigmentation problems and surface wrinkles, and TCA is the preferred choice for those with darker skin pigments.

There could be some very slight redness and swelling, accompanied by mild to moderate peeling with medium chemical peels lasting as little as 3-7 days after.

Deep Chemical Peels

Deep chemical peels are for those who have coarse wrinkles, blotches or dark spots due to UV damage or aging, or severe scarring. They are the strongest form of peels you can get and require proper post care for maximum benefit.

Unlike light and medium chemical peels, deep chemical peels require significant downtime as the acid is stronger and goes deeper into the dermis to cause visible ruptures at the cellular level.

The procedure requires the most care post treatment yet yields the most dramatic results. Because of the strength of the acid and the potential down time of a deep chemical peel, it is imperative that you book an in-depth consultation with one of our technicians before booking an appointment.

Chemical peels $150-200 |  Request Now

What are the Risks?

Downtime, side effects, and risks all depend on the type of peel you get and can range from slight redness (light peel) to flaking and redness (medium peel) to blisters, crusting, peeling, inflammation, and redness (deep peel).

Your technician will meet with you to discuss the best treatment plan for your skin type and areas of concern and ensure that you are getting the right level of peel.

What is a MicroPeel?

A MicroPeel is a form of chemical peels, the lightest form, mostly used to treat superficial fine lines, pigment issues, and acne. MicroPeels differ from traditional chemical peels in that they use a multi-step process that involves mechanical exfoliation in combination with a light chemical peel using a lower grade.

MicroPeels $150-200 |  Request Now

What Are the Risks?

MicroPeels have little to no downtime and therefore, little to no risks. Those with very light skin may experience redness for a day after, but no visible damage is done to the skin with the small dosage or acids in micropeels. That being said we can use this same technique to enhance the penetration of certain peels which may result in accelerated shedding of damaged skin. Your technician will always advise you on what to expect post procedure. 

They are incredibly safe when done by a trained professional and the only discomfort you should feel is the slight stinging and burning which is generally well tolerated. 

How Do I Know If MicroPeels are Right for Me?

MicroPeels are best for those who have fine lines and wrinkles and some hyperpigmentation as well as superficial UV damage. They are also highly effective at treating acne and acne scarring.

For deeper wrinkles or heavy and prolonged UV damage, you may want to consider a stronger chemical peel.

Will My Skin "Peel"?

With MicroPeels and all levels of chemical peels, your skin may experience a flaking away of the dead cells to reveal the new layer of skin. This is perfectly normal and depends on the type of peel you get and your skin type.

The bulk of flaking occurs 48-72 hours after treatment. And you can expect to see results in as little as one week depending on the type of peel you get.

Are Peels Painful?

Most patients only experience a slight itching or burning sensation which is generally resolved before you leave the clinic. Post peel you may feel a slight sensitive similar to a sunburn. 

How Do Chemical Peels Differ from other anti-aging treatments?

Chemical peels are best used to treat surface wrinkles, pigment issues, and scarring. Like Botox or skin tightening, they are used to treat lines and wrinkles and prevent future damage, but unlike Botox they do NOT treat wrinkles caused by muscles contractions such as frown lines.

Chemical peels are also effective at treating UV damaged skin or skin damaged from social habits such as alcohol and smoking.
For fine lines and wrinkles associated with muscle contractions such as crow’s feet and frown lines, see our section on Botox treatments.

Alkaline Wash Basic

Works on the principal of bringing the skin to an alkaline ph to completely soften and desquamate the cells. This superior took is used to fight difficult conditions, such as pigmentation, acne, and scar removal. Research has shown that alkalizing the skin makes an effective pathway or entry for pigmentation formulas. Therefore, if we want to get the melanin inhibitors to the basal layer, an alkaline solution prepares the skin for maximum absorption. This treatment is finished with DMK enzyme mask 1 to help to speed up the  cell renewal process, purge toxins in the skin and stimulate messenger cells to promote proper cell function.

$200 |  Request Now

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