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Brows $24
Chin $18
Upper Lip $12
Half Face $40
Full Back & Shoulders $68
Chest & Stomach $68
Full Arms $60
Half Arms $45
Underarms $32
Bikini $35
Extended Bikini $50
Brazilian $70
Full Legs $75
Half Legs $45

Waxing in Ottawa

Next to shaving, waxing is the most popular choice for hair removal. While it is not permanent like electrolysis, and does not last up to 10 years like laser, waxing is affordable, reliable, quick, and lasts up to six weeks. With regular waxing, hair grows back thinner and finer.

It’s very important with waxing that once you start, you stop shaving! This will ensure that your hair has a chance to get on the same growing cycle which will help you achieve the silky-smooth skin you’re coveting for weeks at a time. It’s also very important to keep regular appointments to prevent hairs from forming deep roots. You don’t want to start all over again!

Our Waxing Services

We offer waxing on all areas of the body including bikini, brazilian, lips, cheeks and chin with recommended appointments at at least six-week intervals to achieve full results. Waxing can be performed on any area of the face or body.

Some of our most-popular waxes are:

Are There Any Risks to Waxing?

Because waxing removes hair at the root very quickly there are risks of skin irritation, “bumps”, or even rashes. All of these are easily preventable provided that your esthetician is qualified and cleans and sterilizes their applicators after each use. Because Skin Revival Clinic and Spa is a medical spa, we use only the highest-grade wax and change our applicators after each use.

Our estheticians are highly-trained and use proper procedures when waxing.

Does It Hurt?

Waxing should not hurt. It can be uncomfortable or you may experience a slight stinging, but it should not hurt and you should not experience any long-term pain. If you do, your waxer is either not using a proper procedure or they are treating too large an area at once. You may experience a slight swelling of the area prior to waxing.

You can take an anti-inflammatory painkiller like ibuprofen prior to your waxing appointment to reduce discomfort. Regular appointments will also reduce discomfort as thicker and longer hair is harder to remove and therefore more painful. It is also recommended to avoid waxing just prior to or during menstruation.

Your hair should also be at least one-quarter or an inch long. Any shorter and it will be too short to pull out by the root which could cause irritation. If the hair is too long, it could be harder to remove and cause pain. Your esthetician will be able to tell if your hair is the right length.

What Can I Do to Prevent Irritation?

Make sure that the area is clean and well-exfoliated before your waxing appointment. This will prevent unsightly bumps, irritation, or future ingrown hairs. It also removes the layer of dead skin that is likely trapping the hairs, allowing them to come to the surface and be removed easier. The best product is a roll on treatment called PFB with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria agents along side mild chemical exfoliants. 

Upkeep is crucial to prolonging your wax and keep your skin soft and smooth. Invest in a salicylic topical treatment and make sure you are regularly exfoliating to keep irritation and ingrown hairs at bay. Be sure that you are scrubbing the skin or applying any alcohol-based treatments at least 24 hours after your waxing appointment.

Be sure that you are not waxing any areas that have injuries or broken skin like a cut or a rash. Waxing will only exacerbate the issue and cause problems. Your esthetician will perform a quick scan to ensure your skin is suitable to wax.

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