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Meet Alexis

Hello everyone!!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Alexis Fry, and I am the founder of Skin Revival Clinic here in Ottawa, CA.

Alongside working with my incredible team at our two locations, I also have the privilege to represent one of the world’s leading Medical Aesthetic device company Cynosure Lasers, as a Clinical Trainer here in Canada. 

Having grown up around the beauty industry (working my way up from shampoo girl – represent!! Hehe). I was fortunate enough to know at a young age this was what I wanted to do.

This job is a very rewarding one! I get to spend my days socializing with people, using my creative energy, and making others not only look their best but feel it too. There is nothing better than taking an insecurity away from another person, whether it be by clearing up acne, fixing scars, turning back the clock on aging… you name it, I will try and fix it!! 

I have always been passionate about skin. The truth is clear skin has not come easy to me. My skin is reactive, I flare up with eczema & dermatitis, and acne breakouts if I am not careful with both what I put on my skin and what I put into my body.

My skin is my tale, if I am too stressed, too busy, eating things I shouldn’t my skin sends me a lovely symbol of “get yourself in check” with pimples and red, itchy patches! So, trust me when I say I understand the pain points of annoying skin! I take a personal investment into everyone that my team and I work with. 

Our face is something everyone sees. We have it for life, so let’s take care of it! Fashion trends, expensive purses, jewelry, and knickknacks we buy at Homesense come and go, haha…but our skin is forever! 

I started Skin Revival in 2016, after running a successful franchise of another Medispa for 3 years. I wanted to create my brand, focus on the things I felt my team and I did best, and create an environment where people could trust our recommendations to always have their best interest at heart.

There are a lot of clinics, and there are even some great ones here in our city, but there are also places that don’t always see the big picture. The long-term relationship, and trust you build by not trying to oversell or push products on people when they don’t need them.

Do you know how many times clients say to me “What, you don’t want my money?” and laugh when I tell them they don’t need something!

Just because it sounds good when you read about it online, or because your friend had it and loved it doesn’t mean it is what you need! It is our job as a team to set proper expectations and make recommendations we feel confident in because we are happy when you are happy. 

As part of my goal for 2022, I wanted to stay more connected with as many of you as possible and share my expertise and knowledge in the field, just like I do when I travel to train in other clinics. This blog is a place for me to share, stay in touch and answer the common questions I get in a day from both clients and industry professionals. 

Thank you all for following along & supporting my journey. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love every day. 

Your skin revival, 

Alexis Fry

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