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New Year, New Focus

Wow, can you believe 2021 is coming to an end already? I am pretty sure it was just the start of 2020 a couple of months ago! Is it just me??

Part of my focus for 2022 is to spend more time doing the things I do best and to help my team grow and succeed in this industry that I love so much.

When you’ve been in a career for so long, sometimes you start to just feel like you’re simply going through the motions.

I love my team, and all of you are amazing, however, I haven’t felt challenged in some time. I absolutely love learning and am a complete technology nerd…so when the opportunity presented itself to become a clinical trainer for one of the worlds leading laser companies – CynoSure Lasers, I jumped! I figured; I’d figure out the how (timewise) later. Haha! 

I’ve spent the last 6 months traveling around Eastern Canada training new clinics, and experienced clinics on cutting-edge technology. I’ve made countless connections and learned so much along the way. It is so refreshing to talk to other business owners, bounce ideas off each other, and grow this industry.

At Skin Revival, I have been able to bring on multiple new laser hair removal devices in Ottawa, with Elite IQ (ARRIVING ANY DAY- YAY!!!), the most advanced radiofrequency machine TempSure & FlexSure, as well as the brand-new Potenza, which is a micro-needling radiofrequency device that I am extremely excited about. 

I am excited to start sharing some of the behind-the-scenes with you all here. If you are on social media make sure to check me out on Instagram @yourskinrevival and the clinic @skinrevivalottawa

And remember, if you have questions you think I should highlight here on the blog -Ask away!! I want this to be a resource for all of you and a fun way for me to share a little about what is going on with myself & Skin Revival. 

Your skin revival, 

Alexis Fry

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