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Staff Pick: Skin Brightening With Vivier!

I think it’s safe to say we all want radiant skin. One of the most common complaints we get from clients is that their skin feels dull or uneven. As our skin ages, our cells replenish at a slower rate. This means our dead skin cells sit on the surface of the skin longer and we lose our youthful glow. If that isn’t bad enough, the damage from the sun and environment begin to show up as sun spots and discoloration. Our usual every day routine may no longer be enough to combat these problems. So what should you look for?!

Along with technical treatments such as PhotoFacials and chemical peels that lighten the skin and improve the overall appearance, home care is so so vital to getting the results we want and need. Over the last few months since the addition of the Vivier line in the clinic, we have been seeing some truly amazing transformations in the skin of our patients, as well as members of our team! The Vivier line is results. Period. They stand behind their products and do not disappointment. All of the staff at Skin Revival got the opportunity to try a home care program by Vivier and we are quickly developing our favourites!!

Our staff pick for this month is a brightening duo: Radiance Serum & Skin Brightening cream.

Radiance Serum is a Vitamin C serum like no other. It’s brightening effects are safe on all skin types. Proven to reduce the appearance of sun damage and hyper-pigmentation such as melasma, as well as being an incredibly effective anti-aging serum.

3 INGREDIENTS That Synergistically Target Aging and Pigmentation     

L-Ascorbic Acid USP- Pharmaceutical grade, pure and proven Vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant boosts collagen production, protects the skin, and evens out both the texture and tone of the skin.

Arbutin- Natural alternative to topical medication hydroquinone (which cannot be used long term) known for its skin-lightening and antioxidant properties.

Resorcinol- Effective in exfoliating the upper layer of dead skin to reveal healthy, youthful skin.

Skin Brightening Cream combines Arbutin and Resorcinol with lactic acid for maximum brightening effects. Can be paired with Retinol to treat mature damaged skin and give accelerated results.

Lactic acid- is an alpha hydroxyl acid extracted from milk that is known for it’s ability to promote new cell production, mild exfoliation, and moisturizing properties.

**Following a 16 week physician study, 100% of patients noticed an improvement in the overall condition of their skin and pigmentation.

Have confidence in your skin care choices. Meet with one of our skin care experts to see if these products are right for you.

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