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6 Things Everyone Should Know Before Starting Laser

1) It takes awhile BUT it’s worth it.

Unfortunately for us we have yet to develop a futuristic zapper to magically erase all hair from the eyebrows down! Laser hair removal weakens and destroys hair in most cases over the course of a year. The average number of sessions required to achieve maximum results is roughly 8-10.

2) You will likely still have some stubborn hair.

Laser hair removal has an average reduction of 80%. Clients may still experience light blonde “peach fuzz” style hair on the area as well as some finer darker hair. This is due to the fact that laser light targets the pigment in the hair follicle. As that hair follicle shrinks, the laser has a harder time detecting the small amount of pigment in fine hair. Still, 5 random underarm hairs are much easier to handle than a full armpit of coarse hair.

3) Missing appointments can cost you.

Hair must be in the growth phase in order to be successfully treated with laser hair removal. Your technician will determine the duration between appointments based on your individual growth pattern. If you miss your window or treat too soon, you will ultimately need additional treatments or unfortunately have wasted sessions. The most important thing you can do is listen to your technician and watch your growth closely to help them decide on the best treatment plan.

4) Not all hair types can be treated.

The entire concept of laser hair removal works on targeting melanin, the pigment in your hair. If the hair is white, grey, or blonde it will not do anything. Seek alternative options like electrolysis for permanent reduction of light hairs. Along with hair that lacks pigment, laser also does not target red hair well. It is possible to reduce the amount of hair for red heads but it is quite an advanced procedure. Most lasers for hair removal use a red laser beam and therefor it is unable to target the same colour as thoroughly as others.

5) All skin types can be treated but results will vary.

Not all machines are created equal. Some lasers should not be used on darker skin types whereas others can safely and effectively treat even the darkest skin types. This being said, the higher the contrast between the colour of the skin and the colour of the hair, the easier the laser can destroy the hair. It is possible to perform hair removal on patients who have darker skin but more treatments may be needed for optimal outcome.

6) Once your treatments are done – Maintain!

Our bodies go through a number of changes throughout our life. Things such as pregnancy, menopause, and illness can directly impact our hair growth. The rule of thumb is to do a maintenance session once every 6 months for hormonal growth areas and 1 time per year for all other areas. This will ensure long lasting, hair free results!

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