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3 Tips for Battling Seasonal Change in Your Skin

The skin likes consistency. When factors like weather change on a dime, it can be a shock to the system. Rapid fluctuations in weather can take its toll on our skin as it adjusts to the new environment. Unfortunately for us, we live somewhere with fairly extreme temperature changes. As the weather outside gets colder with each passing day our skin is in for a harsh reality, especially after the summer we had!

Here are a few tips to help your skin transition into fall.

1) You Guessed It- Book a Facial

This allows your skin a fresh start to battle cold weather and get the most out of your home care. In the fall, we’re transitioning into colder windy days, blasting heaters, and less water in the air—all of which suck that hydration out of our skin (and moisture right along with it) leaving behind a dry, flaky surface that highlights lines, wrinkles, and can even worsen acne.

2) Change Up Some of Our Skincare

This time of year, as our natural moisture levels go down there are three key factors to maintain healthy skin. First, opt for a gentle face wash that deep cleans without drying the skin out. This will make sure you are not stripping your natural oils.

Secondly, go for a cream based moisturizer with added hyaluronic acid working on both your oil and water levels. This however, seems like simple advice but is one of the most misconceived notions. Upping your moisture level does not mean you need to load on rich heavy creams, especially for those who are acne prone. For someone with normal skin this could be as simple as using a richer night cream or adding a weekly hydrating mask. For others who find creams cause them breakouts choose something like Vivier AHA/BHA cream. This cream will keep visible flaky skin at bay while working to balance your natural skin oils. Pair any of these with a hyaluronic acid serum to help boost moisture levels and fight off that tight dry flaky skin without making you feel oily.

The best thing you can do is ask for help. There are so many products available, so making the wrong choice is extremely easy. Buy from places that have educated staff who can make recommendations not only on the brands they carry, but on what to look for in other brands. More importantly they will recommend what to stay away from.

Third, exfoliate lightly 1-2 times per week. Often times we see dry skin and immediately go for an exfoliant. This is fine but 2 times a week quickly turns into 4 or 5 and our skin fights back. Stick to something gentle that refreshes the skin without drying it out further. Stay away from too many acids or harsh abrasive scrubs. Our staff’s favourite is Vivier Vitamin C scrub. I think by now every single staff has it at home. I don’t know how many facials I’ve done where I literally cleanse their skin, exfoliate with Vitamin C scrub and the guests skin already looks 80% better!

3) Keep Hydrated

Not only should you be applying topical creams to keep your skin happy, you should be increasing your daily intake of water. Not only can we add moisture internally, we can use things like humidifiers to gives moisture back into the air and in turn our skin.

With winter months approaching, it is time to reintroduce a retinol back into your routine. This will soften and lighten any new pigmentation acquired over the summer. Retinol will also help smooth out the texture of your skin by improving fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, scarring, and even help with breakouts! Be sure to pair a retinol with a hydrating sunscreen. Not everyone is a candidate to use a retinol, so you should book a consult with one of our medical estheticians to discuss a customized skincare routine for your skin type and concerns.

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