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Easy as 1, 2, 3… Minor Skin Conditions Eliminated in a Matter of Minutes

Chances are we have all experienced at least one of these common skin disorders at one point or another. You may have had your family doctor try to snip it or freeze it off. Maybe you have tried not so effective over the counter remedies, like do it yourself freeze away kits. Or you simply didn’t even know you could remove these types of skin irregularities. You might even for the first time after looking at these images discover what your irregularity is! Rest assured we can generally treat them in 1-2 visits.

The good news is they are completely harmless for the most part. Most of us simply find them to be annoying more than anything. The bad news is that they rarely just disappear on their own.

That’s where we come in. These pesky little spots are some of our favourites to treat. Mainly due to the instant gratification of seeing it gone in a matter of minutes.

Seoborrheic Keratosis

Probably the most satisfying of all is Seoborrheic Keratosis, one of the most common noncancerous skin growths in adults. These “sun spots” or “age spots” appear on the skin as brown, black or light tan growths. They are often slightly elevated with a waxy or scaly texture.

The exact cause is unknown, however like most spots on the skin they can be linked back to sun exposure. The most effective way to ensure you don’t get these spots is to prevent them. Sunscreen should be our number one, no compromise, take it everywhere you go product. These spots are usually unwelcome and can darken and grow over skin. For this reason, it is important to treat them when they are small.

Instantly removed before your eyes, these brown spots take only 1-2 sessions to be gone for good. You will have a small crust on the skin post treatment which can last a few days while the skin heals. Post treatment you may have a pink or white spot for up to a few months. This is new, healthy, tan free skin and nothing to be concerned with.

Cherry Angioma

Cherry Angioma appear as raised or flat red spots or moles. Cherry Angiomas, also referred to as senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots typically cause no concern unless they bleed on their own, become scaling in texture or change color.

These skin growths usually range in size from a tiny pinpoint spot to larger ¼ inch moles and are most commonly found on the torso, arms, legs and shoulders. That being said we have seen these spots on the face however they are usually very small but annoying none the less.

Aging skin is a major factor in these benign clusters of broken blood vessels. Seen mainly in fair skinned individuals over the age of 30. The sun’s infrared heat and UV damage play a role in their development therefor proper sun care is essential in keeping these cherries at bay.

During treatment, the cherry will become white, as though to disappear before your eyes, or purple as the blood is instantly coagulated. Treatment is extremely effective with an average of only 1 session needed to zap these spots for good.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are a simple overgrowth of the protein, keratin, in our skin. Skin tags are often found in areas of high friction such as neck, underarms, under the breast and groin area as well as around the eyes.  These little extensions of skin can come in a variety of sizes, and colors. The main difference between a mole and a skin tag is the base or “stock.” Even large skin tags are generally attached with only a small thin piece of skin.

These skin tags can be easily removed by a variety of methods however the process of Electrocoagulation is the most effective in permanently removing the lesion without leaving any scars.

In most cases the skin tag will be 80-100% gone before you leave the clinic. Some may leave a small hard base that will fall off within a few days. Due to the precision of this treatment we are able to treat skin tags in even the most delicate areas. Generally, we can completely rid the skin tag in as little as 1 session with larger ones sometimes requiring a touch up 2 weeks later.

Facial Telangiectasia

Facial telangiectasia is a condition where the small blood vessels widen causing threadlike lines or broken vessels on the skin. These vessels can be caused by a variety of factors such as genetics, lifestyle and environmental damage.

These can be tricky to treat as they require you to abstain from any activity that may cause excess blood flow or dilation to the area from 1-2 weeks post treatment for best results. These include things such as exposing yourself to extreme temperatures ie sun tanning, harsh winter colds, sauna and hot tubs as well as limiting alcohol and strenuous exercise. That’s right, no heavy workouts post treatment. Shucks I know, so disappointing.

The good news is that if you follow these guidelines you can see a dramatic reduction of 50-90% in as little as 3 sessions done 2-4 weeks apart. General maintenance will be required to keep these vessels from coming back. They can be easily managed with proper skin care, awareness of triggers and occasional maintenance treatments.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a common condition where yellowish donut like “pimples” appear on the skin. The difference is these cannot be simply popped like a traditional white head. They are however caused by an excess of sebaceous oil, so you are not wrong in thinking you’d be able to. The difference is that this oil forms around the follicle and becomes hardened under the skin. The process of electrocoagulation liquefies the sebum so that the body can metabolise it. Usually one treatment is enough. However, prevention with a mild home peel and oil management products can prevent the reoccurrence.


Milia are small cysts found under the skin. They form when oils and keratin become trapped under the skin. Often occurring on the face and eye area where they skin is more delicate. The number one cause is using oily products not suited for your skin type. If cut these actually come out as a small bead of oil.

We offer two methods of extraction for milia, traditional manual extraction with a lancet or electrocoagulation. Electrocoagulation is preferred on extremely delicate areas as it does not require the skin to be squeezed. The heat energy liquefies the hardened oil allowing the body to break it down naturally.

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