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This last month or so we have been sharing on Instagram my interview answers all about laser hair removal, asked to us by the lovely Michelle from Mash-Elle beauty who is currently undergoing laser treatments with us!

If you missed them, I thought I would sum up some of the most common questions here:

1)      Does laser hair removal hurt?

Well, I’m not going to lie, when I took my course to become a laser technician in 2007 some choice words may have been used by more than one client (and let’s be honest myself) during the course of treatments. That being said, technology has come a LONG LONG way when it comes to your comfort. 

The main factors that come into play when making sure that your treatments are not only effective but manageable are;

–         Firstly, cooled handpiece or forced air which takes away the heat sensation allowing you to tolerate higher intensities and get faster results.

–          Secondly, the actual laser technology itself, choosing the right laser for your skin type ensures that the heat goes directly into our desired target and not into the skin.

Now I say “manageable” because you do have to feel something. We want to make sure that you do not need to do too many sessions due to under-treating. I suggest that you be a 3 out of 10 for pain with a slight snapping sensation, mild swelling and redness for maximum results. 

If you tried it years ago and are scared, please give it a try now and you just might let out a sigh of relief when you feel those first couple of zaps. 

2)      How many sessions do you need?

For most areas, the average is 8-10 sessions. The general trend we see here at Skin Revival is most people will complete a minimum of 6 full sessions at which point they may switch to doing spot or partial sessions as hairs can be very sporadic. 

3)      What do I need to do to prep?

Besides shaving, there is nothing really you need to do. If you can avoid sun on the area that is best although our one machine does allow us to treat tan skin, 1 week out of active sun exposure… aka being out at the beach or on the boat all weekend, you get the picture. 

As well, you want to avoid anything that removes the hair from the root. This means no tweezing or waxing. We also ask you to avoid chemical removers that dissolve the hair as these can make your skin more sensitive. 

If you are worried about ingrown hairs, we have products available to help and as the hairs get finer and grows slower the issue will soon resolve. In fact, issues with ingrown hairs are one of the main reasons a lot of people choose to get laser hair removal. 

4)      How do I keep my hair away for good?

It is always recommended to do maintenance treatments once you’ve completed your initial sessions. Our hormones continue to change at various life stages which can cause a small percentage of hair to grow back. I usually recommend that you come for your first maintenance session at 6 months and then once a year afterwards. Personally, I get about 6 hairs that grow back (lucky me, I know!!) and I try to do my maintenance sessions before each summer so that I am bikini ready. 

If you have more questions about laser hair removal- Let’s talk!

Pssst. We also have a buy 4 get 2 free promotion …. Just saying. 

Not having to fuss over shaving as a busy mom and a working woman is probably the best gift I ever gave myself!

As always,

Your skin revival

Alexis Fry

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