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The Vivier Difference

Vivier Skincare Having a healthy skincare routine at home is just as important as the treatments inside the Skin Revival Clinic. A complete at home skincare routine specifically tailored to your skin's individual needs is achievable with Vivier. They have curated premium pharmaceutical grade skincare products that are proven to…

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3 Tips for Battling Seasonal Change in Your Skin

The skin likes consistency. When factors like weather change on a dime, it can be a shock to the system. Rapid fluctuations in weather can take its toll on our skin as it adjusts to the new environment. Unfortunately for us, we live somewhere with fairly extreme temperature changes. As…

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6 Things Everyone Should Know Before Starting Laser

1) It takes awhile BUT it’s worth it. Unfortunately for us we have yet to develop a futuristic zapper to magically erase all hair from the eyebrows down! Laser hair removal weakens and destroys hair in most cases over the course of a year. The average number of sessions required…

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Staff Pick: Skin Brightening With Vivier!

I think it’s safe to say we all want radiant skin. One of the most common complaints we get from clients is that their skin feels dull or uneven. As our skin ages, our cells replenish at a slower rate. This means our dead skin cells sit on the surface…

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How Sunscreen Could Save Your Skin

In an age where we have access to hundreds of skin care products, it seems we’ve tossed the most important product of all to the wayside. We know we should be wearing sunscreen, but most of us treat it like an afterthought. Here are some reasons why sunscreen needs to…

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Tips To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne is something most of us have (or will have) suffered with at some point in our life which is why we wanted to share some tips to get rid of acne with you. Acne seems to strike when we want it the least (think massive pimple in the middle…

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What Type of Skin Do I Have?

We’re all striving to have the perfect relationship with our skin, but unfortunately, many of us would rather break-up. Sometimes our investments in our skin care don’t always pay off, and we’re stuck wondering why. Having a better understanding of your skin type can help you make better decisions on…

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7 Beauty Myths

When it comes to our beauty habits, we look at the 'dont's' as much as the 'dos'. But sometimes we have outdated, or just plain incorrect, information. We've all been a victim to false information or beauty hacks, but fear not! Here are 7 popular beauty myths debunked! Myth #1:…

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Spring Cleaning For Your Beauty Regime

Winter has come to an end and warm weather is merely weeks away. We don't know about you, but we're definitely ready! Many of us are looking forward to saying goodbye to dry, itchy skin; but the warmer months may mean new challenges for your skin. As the temperature rises,…

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